How to Keep Cats Away From Your Garden!


When you have an outdoor garden in your neighborhood, it can seem like a blessing. You can have all the fresh vegetables you could ever want. Or perhaps you prefer flowers, and have a flower bed that is the envy of the neighborhood. However, when it comes to the neighborhood cats they may decide your garden … Read more

Which Insects to Buy For Your Garden


They let 72,000 ladybugs loose in the Mall of America! That was a pretty good idea. We let about 300 loose in our own backyard last weekend. After all, insects are an inevitable presence in any garden. Some are beneficial insects that will protect crops. A successful garden is a place where the harmful and … Read more

Dealing with Kudzu Bugs

kudzu bug

Like many other insects, when the weather starts getting colder, the kudzu bug searches for an escape from the outdoors. This can prove extremely difficult for gardeners. No worries though. Here at Gracious Gardening, we came up with a bunch of tips that will help you keep this pest away from your greenhouse and garden. … Read more

The Best Way to Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

Frog and butterfly

Gardens are great places to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty or just taking in the loveliness, your garden is a place where you love to spend your time. While some animals like rabbits and groundhogs are unwelcome pests in your sanctuary, others are welcome guests. Birds, … Read more

Extracting Honey From A Hive


Mother nature has kindly provided us with is the natural delicacy of honey. Only talented busy bees can make this delicious nectar, and mankind can’t touch that. We are always extracting honey from the bees after they have done all the hard work of making it. With that in mind, we had to come up … Read more

How To Keep Rats Out Of Your Yard and Garden

rat in garden

It great to have a rat as a pet, but no one wants them running wild and free around their home and especially in the garden. Rats can be hard to control and even harder to get rid of since they multiply so quickly. Once they have found a place to feed and nest, keeping … Read more

Five Ways to Attract Honey Bees to Your Garden


While it may not always seem like it, there are a lot of perks to having honey bees buzzing around your garden. They act as pollinators, bringing your entire yard to life. There are a bunch of different ways you can attract these insects. Learn some of your different options below: 1. Plant flowers that … Read more

Get Rid Of Moles Without Hurting Them

mole in garden

Moles are pesky little creatures that can wreak havoc on your well-manicured and expensive lawn. Moles inhabit all of the United States and there are as many as seven varieties of the small, burrowing animal. If you see randomly appearing mounds of dirt suddenly appear in your yard, you probably have a mole problem. Are … Read more

How to Build a Butterfly Garden


If you’re looking to get more out of your garden this year, you may want to think about adding flowers and plants that attract wildlife. One species of wildlife that adds stunning beauty to a garden is the butterfly. The flowers add fragrance to your garden and watching the butterflies interact and go about their … Read more

Growing a Bee-Friendly Garden

bumble bee

Many people find bees to be annoying, particularly when they’re out in their yard trying to accomplish a task and the bees keep swarming and “threatening” them. While bees can definitely sting, it’s important to note that they carry many benefits for the outdoor world, and we shouldn’t interfere with their inhabitance in our yards … Read more