Wildlife That Helps Your Garden

There are many forms of garden wildlife that can help your plants thrive.

Butterflies are pollinators

Butterflies are a beautiful addition to any backyard.  As a bonus, they will pollinate the flowers in your garden.  The only problem with butterflies is they will lay their eggs on plants, and their larvae (caterpillars) will eat the plants.  To prevent this, merely inspect plants often and remove any eggs. Check out this article on how to draw butterflies in toward your own backyard.

We need honeybees

Honeybees will also pollinate flowers in a garden.  However, they are not destructive and they don’t lay eggs on plants like butterflies.  Honeybees are easy to keep and are not as dangerous as some do believe.

The usefulness of feral cats

Feral cats can be beneficial to a garden as well.  Their presence will deter birds from eating a garden. 

Birds can be beneficial by eating insects. But they also pick and eat vegetables, fruits, seedlings, and flowers in a garden.  Cats chase and eat rodents that can be destructive to a garden. 

Encourage cats to hang around by leaving some food and water out near the garden area.  Just note that the disadvantage of having cats around a garden is that they tend to use the dirt as their litter box, but this can be easily cleaned.

Spiders are good!

Spider webs can be troublesome when working in a garden. However, having spiders is a good thing because they will capture and eat many of the insects and bugs. These insects can wreak havoc on plants in a garden.  Catching spiders and releasing them in the garden area will encourage them to move in and help out.

The need for fireflies

Another great insect for the garden is the firefly.  These beetles feed on other insects as adults, and snails and slugs while in the larvae stage. 

They are completely harmless to people and plants, and their flashing lights can make a garden at night look more beautiful. You can find plenty of outlets that will ship you a few hundred fireflies for your backyard.

They won’t all hang around after you release them. However, it’s really fun to release a few hundred fireflies, anyway.

No need for chemicals

You can avoid using a lot of harsh chemicals by knowing which garden wildlife will help a garden flourish.  Many of them are naturally in a garden and just need a little support to stay around.  Others can be transplanted and encouraged to make a garden their home to the benefit of everyone.

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