How to Attract Helpful Animals to Your Garden

When most people think of animals, the last thing they want is for these creatures to be hanging around their garden. However, there are times when animals are actually quite beneficial. In fact, certain animals can actually take care of some of your garden challenges for you. Learn below exactly how you can attract helpful animals to your garden:


Birds are one of the best animals to have flying around your garden. That’s because birds eat those pest insects, which are known for completely destroying the vegetables, fruits and flowers you worked so hard on harvesting. To attract birds to your garden, your greatest bet is growing plants that will bring them in. It’s important to note, though, that each bird has their own individual preference, so you will have to do your research first. For instance, humming birds love red flowers. You can also purchase bird feeders by your garden, to draw in more birds too. Remember, the more birds by your garden, the better.


Butterflies are another great animal to have nestling in your garden, as they are not only beautiful insects, but also won’t damage your plants in the process. To get butterflies to come to your garden, you should grow plants that will attract them. Butterflies love a whole slew of flowering plants. However, their favorite is the buddleia, which is even commonly referred to as the butterfly bush.


Okay, we may not all like bees because they can sting us, but they do work to actively improve your garden. Thanks to this, it’s helpful to have them around. They are the ultimate pollinators, which means they will keep your garden, vegetables and fruits growing strong over time. Due to this, you’re going to want to have as many bees as possible flying through your garden. Flowering plants like lavender have been known to attract bees to gardens.


Frogs are excellent animals to have in your garden, because they have been proven to eat both insect larvae and the insects themselves. This in turn helps keep down the insect population. Besides this, frogs are also great indicators of the health of your garden. To attract them to your garden, make sure that you’re providing a suitable environment. To do this, keep your pond or local stream clean and fresh, with absolutely no debris or pollution.

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