Why Bees Are So Important In A Garden

There are so many aspects that are important for keeping our garden healthy and flourishing. From fertilizers to picking the right plants, everything has to be done in perfect harmony to produce the results that we want. The temperature and the moisture levels have to be just so, but why are bees in the garden so important? The fact that bees are even flying around my head makes me nervous, but they do have a purpose other than making honey and being a nuisance when you’re trying to work in the garden.

What do bees do?

Honeybees can make delicious honey, but they rely on our flowering gardens to get the nectar and pollen for the honey. Each time the bees pollinate the flowers it means that they will grow and accumulate even better. This makes our gardens stronger and vital. The more the merrier so to speak. Plants and bees work together to produce vitality and healthy food for everyone. They work hard to stop at each and every flower no matter how many hours it takes. That’s like having free farmhands working in your garden all day every day — what a bargain.

How to attract bees to your garden

Make sure that you plant things that bees like such as basil, cilantro, fruit trees, dogwoods, aster, impatiens, and plants that have certain colors like purple, yellow, white, and blue. Take care to plant things that will flower at different times of the season so you will have bees throughout the year until fall. Honeybees are attracted to such plants and will come often to pollinate. If you don’t know the difference between a honeybee and a regular bee, the honeybee is much larger than a regular bee. To me, they look a bit more menacing and make me want to run. I have never been stung and I hope I never will. Knock on wood.

If you are into having bees on your property, you can create little places for them to build their hives in. If you choose to do this, put them in a location that is far enough that you won’t be harmed by the bees. Years ago my family had a big walnut tree that bees made their hive in. It was only a few feet away from the main house but the bees never bothered anyone. My aunt got the nerve to go and get some honey from the hive and she was very successful, so you too can have a garden and bees to make honey on the side for your convenience. Nature amazingly takes care of itself, and we can all benefit from that. You share your garden with the bees and the bees will share some honey with you, and the world keeps on spinning.


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