Creating a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Butterflies are some of the most gorgeous and unique creatures that inhabit the earth, and having them fluttering around your yard is a beautiful sight to behold. You can welcome butterflies to your home by creating a “butterfly garden,” which can be either elaborate or simple, depending on the effort you wish to devote. You can make a butterfly garden in a window box outside your favorite window, or make one as part of your landscaped yard. Either way, there are a few things you need to know to fully enjoy this interesting insect.

Do your research

The first thing you need to do is a little research. It’s important to know which butterfly species are indigenous to your area. The butterflies found in South Carolina may not be the same ones found in California. By making a butterfly garden with certain species in mind, you are helping to increase their habitats, many of which are being destroyed daily because of the clearing of wilderness areas to build roads and homes.

What plants do caterpillars and butterflies like

Secondly, and equally important, you need to know which plants and flowers caterpillars and butterflies like to eat. These will be heart and soul of your butterfly garden. Once you choose all the flowers and plants you want, sketch an arrangement of your garden to make the actual planting much easier.

Place perennials near the back since they return every year, and annuals near the front for easy replacement each season. Mix tall flowers with shorter ones, as well as an eclectic mix of color, to create a visually stunning landscape both you and your butterfly friends can enjoy. The following are a small sampling of some of the universally appealing flowers and plants all butterflies are attracted to.

The aptly named “Butterfly Bush”

This shrub is rarely without a group of butterflies covering it. It’s wonderfully fragrant flowers come in shades of purple, white and blue, and is very easy to care for.


This fragrant flower featuring clusters of lavender, red, pink, white or salmon colored blooms will be filled with the delicious nectar that butterflies crave.

“Purple Cornflower”

All butterflies love drinking the nectar of this long-blooming flower. A bonus — this flower is extremely resistant to heavy heat and long droughts.

Build a butterfly house

Accessorizing your new butterfly garden with a butterfly house is a great way to protect your new friends from wind and other damaging weather, as well as from hungry birds. These specially-made houses feature butterfly-sized slots where they can go to safely feed on additional nectar you provide.

When you create a butterfly garden in your yard, you will provide these fluttering beauties with food and shelter. You can be guaranteed that not only you are assisting with the protection and conservation of several endangered species, but that you will be enjoying the grace and glorious beauty of your new visitors all day, every day. So place a garden lounge chair in front of your garden and sit back and enjoy!

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