How to Attract Hummingbirds in Your Garden


Every year, in late August, hummingbirds start their migration. It is sad to see them go, but we can welcome these other valuable garden companions. Never mind the charm of these slight birds that weigh less than a nickel. They are also very important to gardens as both insect predators and pollinators. And this is … Read more

Invite Birds to Your Garden

garden birds

Our feathered friends bring beauty, movement, color, and sweet chirps of music to any garden or yard. But they also provide the additional and functional benefit of controlling the destructive insect population. They love to feast on many of the pesky pests that can invade garden flowers and plants. You already have some birds visiting … Read more

6 Insects You Want In Your Garden!

beneficial insects garden

Many gardeners use chemicals to get all the pests away from their growing fruits and vegetables. It is true that there are probably some Aphids, mealybugs, and other pests preying on and damaging your produce and flowers. Yet, there are also some good bugs there too that help protect your flowers and vegetables from those … Read more

Why Bees Are So Important In A Garden

Bees in garden

There are so many aspects that are important for keeping our garden healthy and flourishing. From fertilizers to picking the right plants, everything has to be done in perfect harmony to produce the results that we want. The temperature and the moisture levels have to be just so, but why are bees in the garden so … Read more

Bats In Your Garden? That’s A Good Thing!


Those creepy looking creatures that you see flying in the night are not looking to suck your blood. Actually, they are looking for food and will happily eat every insect in sight. What a concept. A night worker who can keep the peace in your garden can really be beneficial to you. I had no … Read more

Bugs That Are Beneficial To Your Garden

Green Lacewing

When you think of bugs, you usually think “pest.” When you think of bugs in your garden, you usually think “unwelcome” or “destructive.” And you’re right … sometimes. Caterpillars, beetles, aphids, mites, slugs, and insect eggs are all quite harmful to gardens, but there are several bugs that actually benefit your garden, working as little … Read more

Wildlife That Helps Your Garden

There are many forms of garden wildlife that can help your plants thrive. Butterflies are pollinators Butterflies are a beautiful addition to any backyard.  As a bonus, they will pollinate the flowers in your garden.  The only problem with butterflies is they will lay their eggs on plants, and their larvae (caterpillars) will eat the … Read more

How to Keep Spiders Out of Garden Boots

spider on flower

One of the downsides to working in the garden is having to deal with spiders, especially when they’re crawling in your boots. Yikes! It’s no wonder, though, that this happens when the apparel is typically stored outdoors or in the shed. If this is a problem you’re faced with, we are here to help you. … Read more

How To Safely Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden


Have you been wondering what’s been happening to some of your leafier produce that you planted this year in your garden? Perhaps you are already aware of rabbits in or around your property and have just recently experienced a problem with the loss of some of your garden items. Maybe this is your first attempt … Read more

Yellow Jackets and Other Wasps: Luring and Trapping the Smart Way

Yellow Jacket

Over at, a lot of hipsters are showing off their amazing yellow jacket traps–all of them brimming over with hundreds of dead wasps. We find that to be kind of heartbreaking. Yellowjackets and other wasps can be a real problem, of course. They’re dangerous if you stumble upon their nests. We don’t like them … Read more