Helper Insects You’ll Find in Your Garden

Praying Mantis - Helper Insect

Believe it or not there really is a purpose for bugs in this world. They may be annoying and scary at times, but they can keep things organized and vital at the same time. There are those unsavory pests that can destroy a garden in a matter of minutes, but if you have the right … Read more

How to Attract Helpful Animals to Your Garden

attract animals to your garden

When most people think of animals, the last thing they want is for these creatures to be hanging around their garden. However, there are times when animals are actually quite beneficial. In fact, certain animals can actually take care of some of your garden challenges for you. Learn below exactly how you can attract helpful … Read more

Your Garden Will Love Frogs!


You can spend a lot of time communing with nature in your garden. Hours can pass as you enjoy all the beauty and life that exists there. If you’re like most people, though, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to the wildlife that makes its home in your garden. Aside from the plants … Read more

Landscaping: Create A Bird Sanctuary

If you’re thinking of creating a bird sanctuary, then thank you. Really, using your spare space in the backyard can help save birds every year and provide threatened birds with a safe stopping point. However, birds can’t read a “birds sleep here free” sign, and won’t understand just good intentions. In order to attract birds and … Read more

The Best Butterfly Plants

butterfly plants

I simply love butterflies and the beauty they can bring anytime anyplace. The Butterfly House at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia has always fascinated me and scared me at the same time, because I have never seen so many butterflies in one place at the same time. Now you can create that same colorful … Read more

Creating a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Butterflies are some of the most gorgeous and unique creatures that inhabit the earth, and having them fluttering around your yard is a beautiful sight to behold. You can welcome butterflies to your home by creating a “butterfly garden,” which can be either elaborate or simple, depending on the effort you … Read more

How to Control Mites

red spider mites

Spider mites are one of the most common pests that attack ornamental plants and vegetables around your home. Even though some people think they are insects, they are closely related to ticks and spiders. Adult mites have eight legs, just like ticks and spiders. A mature mite is less than 1/50 of an inch long … Read more